About Us

There is an irresistible charm to the contact lenses and eye beauty products that made the shops, pharmacies and even online shopping websites filled with so many of them; with the spread of these products and tools of various brands largely in the markets, it generated the need to learn and know many diverse advices and the guidance of experts in this field, the social networks made getting those tips and advices very easy thanks to the World Wide Web that has made the impossible possible, but then came the issue of classifying and arranging those instructions for the fans of eye beauty products and following up with them, which may be a challenge in our time which is overflowing with the many uses of the varied social media.

   Hence arose the idea of ​​the application "Adasat," where we want to make the access to those choices favored by customers easy and able them to classify them; and we want to put all the different choices within the reach of every customer and in a comprehensive, clear and innovative way, as an online shopping application and coordinator to everything new and exciting in the world of lenses and eye beauty.

The challenge was great but we managed thanks to combined work between experts in the field of online shopping as well as questionnaires and studies that we have done with our customers to come up with the idea of ​​achieving what we aspire to which is the ease and flexibility in buying colored contact lenses products in addition to the knowledge and follow-up what is new in this field and the idea was in creating an application of online shopping.


Our start:

In April 2017, and after that we were ready to implement our idea and take the application to the next step.

To make sure that our rules are fixed and solid we formed a team of expert in the field of contact lenses which will work to serve and assist our clients as well as to the site in all its divisions, brands and products.  “Adasat’s” team consists of elite professionals in the field of E-commerce to be able to offer the best we have steadily and with credibility and transparency.

  We have teamed up with international companies of shipping and delivery to make a large team covering all areas of Kuwait and other Gulf counties to reach every home as soon as possible; we also have and we have the best information technology team to stay in touch and full knowledge of all that is new in the world of online shopping, as well as our team in the systems and information department of the strongest sections because they provide the followers and shoppers everything they need of the information and details of each product on the application, which keeps our customers updated on everything new and all of our recent news, besides the call center for customer service department.

We are confident that the "Adasat" application will provide each person what he wants and we will stay at the lead with what we offer of tips and guidelines as it will always be a distinctive and unique experience.